Google Assignments

Create a Google Classroom experience within your Learning Management System, especially for Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard and other LMS environments.

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Creating a Google Assignment

This video tutorials demonstrates how teachers can create a Google Assignment inside an LMS (this is demonstrated within Schoology).

Adding a Google Assignment to the Gradebook

Google Assignments will not automatically appear in the Gradebook. Watch how to make sure Assignments appear in Schoology's gradebook.

Grading a Google Assignment

Watch how teachers can easily access, evaluate, and score student work in Google Assignments.

Student View: Completing a Google Assignment

This is a great video for teachers to share with their students to help them learn how to access, complete, and submit their Assignments.

Use Google Assignments to share Google Jamboards

Not only does this video show how to add a Jamboard, but it also showcases the full Google Assignments process from creation to grade submission.